Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I really love this guy and if a chance comes up where I can use him...Im going to jump on it!  There's just somethin' bout a country boy. 

I made this shaped card for challenge #108 over at  This weeks challenge calls for a plane, car, bike ect..  If you get a chance stop by and maybe take part if you have the time.

                                                                           What a guy!

For this card I only used the Cars cartridge for the image and my Gypsy for the welding.  Mater #1 (pg 51) was cut at 5 1/2 inches...I also added burgandy and brown inks to make him look a little dirty and a bit rusty.  Pretty easy...and lots of fun to put together!

Thanks for looking.  Kathie

Monday, April 23, 2012


This is the first of two cards that I will be making for Mothers Day.

In my very first post, I showed the shadow box that I made for my mom...and this is the card that will go with it.  I will be entering this card in the Thankful Thursday Challenge over at in celebration of Mothers Day.

                                                                       5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

For this card I used the following cartridges and measurements.  Kate's ABCs-flower pot (pg 67), cut at 6 inches.  Flower Shoppe-daisy (pg 18), cut at 1 1/2 inches and 2 inches, leaf #5, cut at 1 1/2 inches and 2 inches.  Plantin SchoolBook-Mom, cut at 1 inch.

When I made the flower pot image, I removed the flowers that were on the cut and replaced them with the daisies...and used pop dots to give it some dimension.  I also placed glue dots along the outer edges of the pot and doubled the pop dots down the center to give it a rounded look (as if it were coming out of the card).

For the inking that I had to do, I used the following colors.  For the daisies, dandelion and for the give the affect of weathering terra cotta, desert sand, potters clay and rich cocoa.  I also used paprika stickles in the flower centers.

Thanks for taking the time to look...hope you like it.  Kathie

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lilypad challenge

To keep busy in between family projects, I've decided to enter another challenge.  This is a color challenge over at    If you have'nt visited them before, you might want to stop by and see what they have going on.

I made this card with my youngest daughter in mind (my scrap buddy), because she recently got an Angora rabbit and when I watch her holding can see how gentle she is and how much she loves  him.  Its so sweet...just like this image

                                                                          True love!

For this "step" card I used the following cartridges and measurements.  Kates ABC's-girl #4 (pg58), cut at 4 1/2 inches, flower/icon (pg 28), cut at 1 1/2 inches.  Pooh and Friends-fence/icon (pg 30), cut at 2 1/2 inches, grass/icon (pg 29), cut at 1 inch and 1 1/2 inches and cloud/icon (pg 36) cut at 2 1/2 inches and 3 inches. Flower Shoppe-mum (pg 21), cut at 3/4 inch.

As always, I used my favorite thing...INK and the colors I used blue, brown and pink geranium.  For her face, hand and feet, I colored white cardstock with the following Copic markers...E00, E01 and R20.   I also added baby pearls to the coat (for buttons) and on the flower in her hat along with some added ribbon for the bow.  Oh, and I cant forget the frosted lace stickles on the butterfly wings and brown velvet flock on the bunny.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I can't  believe I got in the top five for the Buttons and Bows challenge...Im so excited...will somebody please pinch me! 

I also want to thank all of you again for following my blog and leaving such nice comments...your words are very encouraging and make this fun and enjoyable.  Kathie

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I'm going to enter this card in three different challenges this week...the first challenge calls for an umbrella, rain or clouds, the second calls for three flowers and the third challenge is called April Showers.  Here are the links for all three challenges., and

I knew for this card I wanted to have a somewhat Asian feel, so I chose the image of Mulan and since I was crossing over into another challenge which included flowers, I decided to use the Chrysanthemum since it has a lot of meaning in the Chinese culture.


For this card I used the following cartridges and measurements.  Happily Ever After-Mulan (pg 75), cut at 7 1/2 inches and the umbrella/icon, cut at 4 inches.  Flower Shoppe-Mum (pg 21), cut at 1 inch and 1 1/2 inches.

Like I've said before,  Im big on inking and the colors that I used on this card are...burgandy, antique gold, brown and cottage ivy.  I also used Copic markers to color Mulans face and hands...E00, E01 and R20.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and have a look.  Kathie


Monday, April 16, 2012


This card was made for a challenge over at  For this challenge you had to use the sketch provided and the following, blue and purple.

I decided to make a card using both my faithful Cricut and a Magnolia stamp (Edward) and here is the finished card. 


For this card I used the following cartridges and measurement.  Plantin Schoolbook-HOME, cut at 1/2 inch and 21, cut at 3/4 inches.  Sports Mania-basketball (pg 54), cut at 1 1/2 inches, backboard (pg 55), cut at 4 inches and the word "hoops" with shadow, cut at 2 inches.

Now for little Edward (I really wish they had more stamps of him).  I colored him using Copic markers and if you're interested in the colors used, here they are.  For his flesh, I used E000, E00, E01 and R20...Shirt-BV01, BV02 and BV04...Pants-B02 and B04...Hair-E53, E55 and E57.

*I did alter Edward a little by cutting the butterfly net form his hand to make it look like he was actually playing and making a shot...

Thanks for looking, Kathie

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I've finally decided to test the waters, take the plunge and join   in on a challenge...So, I went searching and found this site,

This will be my first ever entry into any sort of challenge and Im so nervous...kind of feels like the first day of school.  You remember the feeling...butterflies, sweaty palms!   So here is my you think I got a little carried away on the buttons?  Haha.

                                                                I just love these guys!

Okay.  For this Easel card I used the following cartridges and measurements.  Happily Ever After-Jaq/Gus and Spool icon (pg 35), cut at 5 inches.  Sweet Treats-hooray (pg 59), cut at 3 inches.

I used the following inks for the edges and shadowing (Im a big inker) on all the images, card base and background...brown, burgandy, coffee brown, navy blue, pink geranium, stem green, terra cotta, sky blue and lady bug red.  I also used brown velvet flock for the shoes and glossy accents for the word "hooray" and the mouse features including tails.  Along with the button, and ribbon, I put "fashion" cord around the spool to give it a feeling of real thread.

Hopefully this card will make someone smile and like Jaq and Gus...we need to just sometimes let go, enjoy the moment and dance our hearts out!  Kathie

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I want to thank you all very much for following my blog...I hope you'll enjoy your time here and come back to visit often.  Kathie

This project was inspired by "Mothers Day 3D corsage" and since I don't own this image I decided to do what crafting is all about...imagination and using what you already have.

                                                                   Trio of roses!

For this corsage I used the following cartridges and measurements.  Giant Flowers (pg 24), the yellow rose was cut at 2 1/2 inches, the large pink/orange rose was cut at 2 1/4 inches and the pink rose bud was cut at 2 inches.  Flower Shoppe (pg22) fun leaf #5, cut at 2 and 2 1/2 inches.
*on the smallest rose, I only used the petal cut that calls for 5, but cut a total of 15 and used these to replace the larger petals in the image.  This gives the rose a true bud look.

All of the rose images were cut from white card stock and colored with the following geranium, manderine orange, dandelion and carnation pink, but any color combination could be's what ever you want it to be.

For the wrist band, I used one of my Martha Stewart punches...sorry, dont know the name of it, but once again, you can simply use what ever it is you have in your craft supplies.

After I finished putting the corsage together, my son walked in and asked where I got the roses was the best compliment ever!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I know I really enjoyed making it.



Sunday, April 8, 2012


With spring in the air and living in the country, I decided to make a couple of cards that would reflect the activities that would soon be happening in our town...

We have county fairs to look forward to and a big part of the fairs are the live stock and craft exhibits, so I thought each of these cards would fit the bill.  Id really like to make a complete set of cards and give them as a gift.


                                                    I love this image...I think its so cute!

For this card (4 1/2 x 6 1/4) I used the following cartridge and measurement.  Country Life-Pig N Chicken (pg 39), cut at 3 inches.  I used a printed paper and solid paper for the background and inked the edges of the image with a warm brown.  I also used pop dots to mount the image.  Even thought this card is simple, I think it turned out quite nice.

                                                                     A stitch in time!

Again, for this card (4 1/4 x 6 1/4) I used the Country Life cartridge, this really is a cute cartridge.  The image and measurement for this card-Quilt (pg 65), cut at 3 1/4 inches.   I used the same printed paper for the background and the warm brown ink for the edges of the image, placed stitch marks with a white pen and added a few buttons for emellishment.

I feel that sometimes less is more...and in this case, I think it may be true.  Thank you for looking.  Kathie

I want to wish everyone a blessed and happy Easter.  I hope you get to spend this day with those you love and care about. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for baby...Side step card

Thought Id try my hand at something Ive never made before and leave my comfort zone, so I decided on a Side step card!  I must say that I really enjoyed it and see myself making more of these cards in the future.

side view

For this card I used the following cartridges.  Sesame Street Friends-Big Bird (pg 45), cut at
6 inches and Plantin SchoolBook-A (pg 32), cut at 1 1/2 inches, B (pg 33), cut at 1 1/2 and 2 inches,
Y (pg 56), cut at 2 1/2 inches.  I also used this cartridge for the squares (pg 73), cut at 1 1/2 (twice), 2 inches and 2 1/2 inches.
I used Glossy Accent on the letter and pop-dots to adhere Big Bird and the letters to the card.

Step card instructions

                                 I originally found these instructions on


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby album...a work in progress

My husband and I are going to become grandparents for the first time and I wanted to make
something special for my daughter, so her and her husband will have something to remember all of the first's and special moments in their little ones first year of life!

Like the title says...this is a work in progress, so Ill be posting new pages as they are finished.

Special Delivery

For this layout I used the following cartridges and measurement.   Sugar and Spice-stork, cut at 4 1/2 inches and Pooh and Friends-grass icon (pg 29) various sizes to give some depth.  I also cut the mats from matching colored cardstock for easy placement of the photo.

                                                                    Splish Splash!

On the rubber duckie layout, I used the following cartridges and measurement.  Sesame Street and Friends-duck (pg 71) cut at 4 1/2 inches, Sponge Bob-bubbles (pg49) icon/shadow, cut at 3/4 and
1 1/4 inches and Sugar and Spice-Bath Time, cut at 3 inches.  I also used Glossy Accent and glitter on the bubbles.  Again, using matching colored cardstock for the photo mat.


                                                                     Sweet Dreams!

Here are the cartridges and measurements I used on the Bed Time layout.  Country Life-sheep
(pg) 41, cut at 2 1/4 inches and Sugar and Spice-Bed Time/moon and stars, cut at 2 inches.  I decided
to make the sheep in pink and blue, since we dont know what the baby will be yet..besides, CUTE!
I also used Glossy Accent on the stars and the lambs legs/ears.  Oh, and I used mini brads for the
little eyes.


                                                             Hap, hap, happy Easter!

And on the final layout for today, I used the following cartridges and measurements.  Easter 2010-
eggs, cut at 3/4 inches and Pooh and Friends-Piglet (pg 41) cut at 5 inches, fence (pg 30) cut
at 4 inches, grass (pg 29) cut at various sizes and clouds (pg 16) icon, cut at various sizes.  I used
Glossy Accent and glitter on the eggs to give a little sparkle and like the other mats, I used matching
colored cardstock to post the photos. 

*For the Piglet layout, I made a card using this design last year for an Easter card and decided that I
liked it so much, that Id have to use it again sometime...Now is sometime and I think itll look sweet
in the babys album.

Thanks for looking and please leave a comment when you see something you like...