Friday, August 1, 2014

Under the Sea

Just hanging around

Most of our family members are be big fans of the Disney cartoons...and my daughter-in-law is no exception.  So, since her birthday was coming up I decided to try my hand at making my first wreath. 

Robin's favorite Disney movie is now and has always been The Little Mermaid and with this in mind I got to work on her birthday gift...all the time with fingers crossed and hoping that she'll like it.  I must admit it was really enjoyable making this and I'm already working on plans for a couple of more wreath projects!  Oh, and I forgot to mention that I'm still singing all of the Little Mermaid songs in my head...even though I completed this days ago...Ugh!

Now for my wreath.  I hope you like it.





For this project, I used the following cartridges and measurements.  Dreams Come True-Ariel #5 (pg33), cut at 9 1/2", Sebastian (pg37), cut at 2 1/2", Flounder (pg38), cut at 2 1/2",  ArlBrd (pg41), cut at 6 1/2" and Plantin Schoolbook-letter, cut at 1 1/4".
For the little extras...Well, the only thing I did was add Glossy Accents to the eyes of each character, Sebastian's outer body and Ariel's lips.  Plus, a Matte finish spray to protect the images from fading and collecting dust.
Thanks for stopping by and having a look.  Kathie
*Update-Robin LOVED the wreath!